About the museum

The Lajedo de Soledade museum was opened in November 1993, after carrying out work to raise awareness among the population about the preservation of Lajedo. The architectural project, created by architect Adler Fontenelle, is a stylization of the caieiras (kilns for calcining lime) in the region, seeking to convey the idea that the preservation of Lajedo and its rational economic exploitation can coexist harmoniously.

The collection of the Lajedo de Soledade museum contains fragments of animals from the Paleozoic Era and some pieces of lithic and ceramic material that were used by the various indigenous tribes that inhabited this territory, which served as a technology to meet their survival needs, such as hunting and defending against possible attacks from other animals. Among these samples, it is observed that they are divided into two groups: archeology and paleontology, and are subdivided, respectively, by artifacts, pieces, and fossils.

In this exhibition there are fragments of animals from the megafauna period, such as the Giant Sloth, Giant Armadillo (Glyptodon), Armadillo, Mastodon, Jaguar and Saber-toothed Tiger.

In addition, ceramics such as a polished ax, a coquinho break (whisk), a mortar, a pestle, etc. are also on display in the museum. There are also some ores such as Calcite Geode, Rhombohedral Calcite Crystal (main constituent of the slab) and Calcite Geode "Dog Tooth".

Some pieces from the collection